A shiatsu session is unique, tailored to individual needs

What happens during a traditional shiatsu session ?

Your practitioner will take a lifestyle and medical history before making an energetic evaluation taking into account your reasons for coming and any symptoms you may have. 

The shiatsu practitioner applies sustained finger, thumb and palm pressure to release and restore the flow of energy, also known as Ki or Chi, through the body.

Gentle stretches and rotations may also be used to release and promote the free flow of energy, blood and lymph.

The treatment is given on a soft, futon mattress on the floor and through loose comfortable clothing. I recommend you to wear warm loose fitting clothes, such as jogging bottoms, tee shirt (preferably long sleeved) and socks. Jeans tend to be too tight, and may be uncomfortable during some stretches. If you prefer, you can get changed once you arrive.
At the end of the session will be a short period of rest, in order for the work of the session to be fully assimilated. You may be given a recommendation or shown an exercise to continue at home, supporting the process to restore and maintain health.

Shiatsu treatments are deeply relaxing and promote your body's own self-healing processes.