A gift voucher, an original idea ... innovative ... simple to provide ...

Shiatsu gift vouchers are quite popular as presents for family or friends.

Many people can benefit from Shiatsu, even as a one-off gift! You may know someone who might enjoy Shiatsu and simply doesn't know what they are missing!

How to Order a gift voucher?

Simply contact me by phone or by mail, stating your full name and contact information and the full name and address of the one this gift voucher is intended for.

You can come to my office to collect and pay for gift vouchers.

Or, if you prefer, the voucher will be sent to the address of your choice according to your instruction, upon receipt of your order and payment.

Your recipient will simply have to contact me to make an appointment and receive your gift at home or at my office.

The voucher is valid for 1 year after purchase.