Why have shiatsu ?

You don't need to be ill to benefit from shiatsu. Cross-European research by the European Shiatsu Federation (ESF) into the experiences of shiatsu users found that between 39% and 59% of people who had shiatsu did so to maintain their health.

Shiatsu users gave the following reasons for having a treatment :
  • problems with muscles or joints
  • problems with body structure such a back pain or posture
  • relaxation and relief of tension or stress
  • low energy and fatigue
  • problems with digestion, breathing or blood pressure
  • menstrual pain
  • emotional support
  • self development

Quotes from the research

"To help me relax, disperse tension and blocked energy, and to relieve back and shoulder pain"
"Help with emotional tension and emotional stress"
"Maintaining relief from ME symptoms"

How could you benefit from shiatsu?

In the cross-European study a main conclusion is that :
Shiatsu is likely to leave you feeling calmer and more relaxed, and it can also improve a variety of symptoms. Between 94% and 95% felt calmer or more relaxed following shiatsu in the ESF study. Both new and regular users of shiatsu felt "physically more mobile", "more energised", "more balanced" or "more able to cope with things". About 54% of regular shiatsu receivers sleep better following shiatsu.

Shiatsu users' symptoms were significantly reduced and these reductions were maintained throughout the 6 month study. Between 85% and 89% of shiatsu users felt that shiatsu had been effective in treating their symptoms. Tensions and stress, problems with muscles and body structure, such as back pain, joints and posture, low energy and fatigue responded best to shiatsu. Problems with digestion, menstruation, breathing and other systems also showed improvements.

More than 90% of regular shiatsu users that were surveyed said that shiatsu helped to maintain their health. Both new and regular shiatsu users were more aware of themselves and their ability to help themselves, or felt more in touch with their emotions. After only 3 months of receiving shiatsu both new and regular shiatsu users were "more hopeful that my problems can be helped".